Innovative Dolls Inspire Creativity and Passion


Each year, for nearly 100 years, Madame Alexander has introduced a new collection of unique dolls for children and collectors to enjoy. Innovation and creativity have inspired each of Madame’s hundreds of dolls, with creations ranging from storybook favorites to literary characters to high-fashion collectibles. With each Madame Alexander label, you can trust that your doll comes from a long line of predecessors created by Madame’s passion for excellence.

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Because children have naturally wonderful imaginations, Madame Alexander knew that inspiring them would be simple. She believed in not over-complicating children’s toys, but rather leaving the child to imagine a world all their own. Madame’s dolls have always embodied that belief. With every charming and well-made doll, little ones are inspired to imagine, explore and create. It’s so much more than play—it’s about making it possible for children to discover compassion, confidence and empathy. Give a child a doll and watch their imagination bloom.


Little Baby Dolls for Big Imaginations

Madame Alexander’s primary goal was always to create dolls for children. As she said herself, “Dolls were meant to be played with and loved.” Made for this mission, Madame Alexander baby dolls blend beauty with quality for a playmate that children will cherish. Our baby dolls are made to be played with safely and comfortably, with soft bodies and nontoxic materials. Every realistic detail—from tiny toes to soft eyelashes—is crafted to delight. Few interactive features and simple accessories invite little ones to imagine a world of their own making.

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These classic 12” baby dolls are perfect for tiny hands. Made with soft bodies meant to be hugged, these dolls are recommended for ages 2+. This adorable dolly will become your “baby’s baby.”

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These realistic 16” baby dolls have natural features and lifelike expressions. Soft bodies make these newborn dolls appropriate for ages 2+. Every doll is accompanied by a blanket and adoption certificate.

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These sweet 12” and 14” dolls are designed to engage little ones’ senses. Choose from simple accessories to delight your little one with a cute and cuddly doll. Ages 0+ (My First Baby) or ages 2+ (Little Loves, Cuddles).

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These 19” newborns are designed to look and feel just like a real baby. Realistic features like soft skin and wispy hair encourage your little one to love and nurture. These dolls are recommended for ages 3+ because of their heavier, lifelike weight.


Collectible Dolls that Celebrate the World


For decades, Madame Alexander collectibles have charmed doll lovers of all ages. Derived from different places in history, culture, cinema, literature and art, each doll celebrates the world around us. Every collection is designed with exquisite detail and premium craftsmanship to inspire passion in collectors. The dazzling fashions, delicate features and enchanting characters make the collectible dolls unmistakably Madame Alexander. And with enduring quality, each treasured doll is meant to be passed from generation to generation.


Designing dolls takes time, patience and attention to detail. Today, the New York City Madame Alexander Design Studio conceives and carefully designs each doll. With every tiny ribbon and each curve of a lip, the designers bring life and personality to our dolls. No detail is overlooked. From generation to generation, style to style, each one becomes a work of art, inspired by literature, cinema and everyday life.