How do I contact customer service?
Please email us at We will normally respond to your email within one business day.

Where can I purchase Madame Alexander dolls?
We have a network of wonderful retailers that offer Madame Alexander dolls. Please use our store locator to find a retailer near you, or search for an online store.

How much is my doll worth?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide doll values or estimates. 

Can you help me sell my doll?
We do not ourselves purchase dolls, or provide a marketplace for the sale of Madame Alexander Dolls. However we do know that online auction sites often have Madame Alexander dolls available.

Do you buy dolls?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide information on the value of your doll and are not able to assist in the sale of your doll. We do suggest locating a doll appraiser in your area for information on your dolls current value. You may also want to consider an internet search for more information on your doll and sale options.

I am looking for an older doll / I need help Identifying an older doll?
We do not maintain inventory for older dolls. You may want to consider conducting an online search for the doll in question.

Are you able to assist with a donation?
Regrettably are company is unable to assist with donations.

Is your doll hospital open?
Our hospital is CLOSED.

Do you still offer tours or birthday parties?
Unfortunately these facilities are CLOSED.

Where are your dolls made?
Our dolls are designed in New York City but are made at factories overseas that have been hand-picked for their ability to meet our high standards. Our production team works closely with our overseas manufacturers to insure that our quality and craftsmanship are maintained.

How can I receive more information on selling Madame Alexander dolls in my store?
We would love to help you get set up! Please contact customer service at for more information.

My 18” doll’s hair is frizzy, how do I fix this?
For straight hair, brush in the direction of the hair with a wide tooth comb or a soft bristle brush. If the dolls hair is curly, take pieces of hair and slowly wrap the hair around your pointer finger. Smooth the curl and repeat until the curl starts to form. We DO NOT suggest applying heat, water, or any product to the dolls hair. This will result in permanent damage and cannot be fixed.

Do you have any tips or tricks to cleaning older dolls?
You can view all of our tips and tricks at the bottom of our website under product care!

Do you sell vintage doll clothes and accessories?
We unfortunately do not; however, we know most auction sites do have additional pieces to sell.

What is the difference between the Cuddle Baby and the Newborn Nursery Baby?
Cuddle Babies and Newborn Nursery Babies are the same, except for the packaging, branding, and the clothes they come in (Newborn Nursery is dressed in gender-neutral clothing, while Cuddle Babies are dressed in pink/blue clothing). Newborn Nursery will arrive in a polybag, while Cuddle Babies will arrive packaged in a box.

My Newborn Baby has a strong odor, how do I fix it?
Sometimes when dolls are removed from their packaging, their vinyl will produce a noticeable “new” smell, which is completely harmless. We recommend letting the doll “breathe” for a couple of days outside of its packaging, and the smell should disappear on its own.

I am looking for a certain character doll but don’t see it on the website, can you help?
Our website presents the most current collection of dolls. These and more are available through our retailer network, so the best course of action is to search online or contact a Madame Alexander retailer.

I am a blogger and I am interested in reviewing your product. 
Our company receives request for product regularly and unfortunately cannot fill each request. If you are interested in reviewing our product please send an email to

I purchased one of your items from another retailer; can I return it to you?
All purchases made through another retailer must be returned or exchanged according to that retailers return policy. We are not able to accept returns or exchanges on behalf of another retailer.

Do you have a catalog?
We do not sell our catalogs on our website; however, they are available for free download under “Catalogs” at the bottom of home page.

Do your dolls contain PVC or Phthalate?
Our dolls meet or exceed the government and industry standards for Phthalates.