Your favorite MARVEL Super Heroes inspire and spark your imagination. You’ve read all the graphic novels. You anxiously await the newest movies. As a FAN GIRL, these Super Heroes ignite your passion for fashion. You obsess, You geek out and you can't wait to FLAUNT YOUR FAN GIRL!

MARVEL FAN GIRL DOLLS - Introducing a new interpretation of fashion dolls in a unique collection inspired by Marvel’s greatest Super Heroes.

These five gorgeous collectible 13.5 inch tall fashion dolls are dressed in high-fashion outfits that are inspired by the costumes of their favorite MARVEL Super Heroes! Captain America. Iron Man. Black Widow. Spider-Gwen. Black Panther. Can you guess which ones are which? Available exclusively at Toys R Us and

Fan Girl "Finds"

Our MARVEL Fan Girls have a little secret! Each of them is available in a special limited edition variation that makes them rare and collectible. These Fan Girl "Finds" are have been produced and shipped randomly, so if you're shopping in store look for boxes with the "Fan Girl Finds" logo on the front of the box. Compare her to a doll without the sticker - look closely - can you see the differences? If you're shopping online you just never know, you might be one of the lucky ones to receive a Fan Girl "Find". These special dolls can not be ordered directly - they must be...well...FOUND by the fortunate few!

Spotting a "Find"

Shhhh... Black Widow's "Find" is a red hat! Spider-Gwen's "Find" is silver sunglasses. Captain America's "Find" is a star-spangled headband. Iron Man's "Find" is metallic buttons on her bodice. Black Panther's "Find" is gold-tone headdress and necklace.




Will you be one of the lucky ones to grab a "Fan Girl Find"?

Look for "Fan Girl Finds" which are limited edition versions of each doll with a surprise variation from the standard version.

Find and collect them all!