Washable Cloth Dolls – Scarecrow™ 12-inch

The 12-inch cloth Scarecrow™ has an embroidered face and wears a green top with a tan collar and brown pants. The yellow necktie on his collar matches the yellow cutouts that decorate his shirt and accent his pointy hat. Brown fabric bands on his wrists and a matching belt enhance that Scarecrow™ look, as do the green and tan patches on his pant legs. Dark brown, pointy shoes with yellow fabric straw and a white diploma, tied with a red satin ribbon, completes the Scarecrow™ brilliant look. Washer and Dryer Safe on Gentle Cycle.

USD$ 34.95

Style # 66775 - Item is available.

  • AGE: 0 YRS. +
  • INTRO: 2013
  • SIZE: 12''

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