SPECIAL SALE! Cheshire Cat Maggie 8-inch Doll (Alice in Wonderland)

The Cheshire Cat, a fully articulated Maggie, with blue eyes and a special face paint, is a very stylish cat. This feline wears a purple and white fur suit complete with a tail, matching gloves, printed with paws, and shoes. Hints of pink stripes, on the white of her stomach, is a defining detail. A matching fur headpiece with pink velvet ears and a pink and purple gingham bow under the chin adds just the right finishing touch to the Cheshire Cat’s dapper look. As does the turquoise top hat, with a purple and white dot headband, that sits on the Cheshire Cat’s head.

USD$ 59.99

USD$ 94.95

Style # 66710 - Item is available.

  • AGE: 14 YRS. +
  • INTRO: 2013
  • SCULPT: Maggie
  • SIZE: 8"

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