Stamped with Love 8 inch Wendy Valentine Doll

This fully-articulated blue-eyed 8-inch Maggie with freckles has black hair in a sporty shoulder-length cut. She wears a blue jacket with red heart-shaped buttons and red trim at her wrists, and red and white intertwined trim at the hem of the jacket. Her pleated red-and-white plaid skirt has a white-and-black stripe trip. Of course, she's wearing a fun postman-style hat of blue and yellow with red-and-white intertwined trim, a black flock visor, and red heart in the middle. She carries her red heart-shaped mailbag filled with three Valentine cards, plus one card in her hand. White polka-dot socks with black patent leather mary janes and three red hearts on each shoe.

USD$ 94.95

Style # 66235 - Item is available.


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