Running Away To Grandma's 8-inch Collectible Doll

How many times, as a child, did you think about Running Away To Grandma’s? Everyone has, but you know when you do, you want to look your best. 8-inch bent-knee Wendy with blue eyes and blonde, center-parted curls, pinned up at the sides, certainly does, so she puts on her very best frock. It, a pink and purple printed dress has a lavender waistband and a white Peter Pan collar that’s trimmed with white picot. Over the dress she wears a fuchsia sweater that has lavender ties at the neck. A white, lace trimmed petticoat and bloomers, white socks, fuchsia Mary Jane’s and purple embroidered flowers with green leaves nestled in her hair completes her outfit. Of course, if you’re planning on Running Away To Grandma’s you’ll need a suitcase and this little miss has that too. A pink one with a Running Away To Grandma’s logo on the front.

USD$ 69.99

USD$ 89.95

Style # 62000 - Item is available.

  • AGE: 14 YRS +
  • SIZE: 8.0 in

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