My First Baby Bunny Love 12" Baby Doll

My First Baby Bunny Love 12" Baby Doll with blue eyes and blonde sculpted hair is dressed in a pink onesie that has ruffles at the waist, sleeves, and knees. An embroidered detail on the front of her onesie features a gray bunny along with the words "hop hop hop". A pink knit cap with bunny ears and a fluffy white bunny tail in back adds charm to My First Baby Bunny Love. And you’ll never have to worry when you want to take My First Baby Bunny Love out to show her off, she wears a white cotton diaper beneath her onesie.

USD$ 32.95

Style # 65565 - Item is available.

  • AGE: All Ages
  • INTRO: 2012
  • SIZE: 12 in

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