Munchkin General 8" Doll from the Wizard of Oz Collection

Munchkin General Doll from our Wizard of Oz Collection is an 8” fully-articulated Wendy with brown eyes, short brown hair, and an astonishing moustache and goatee. He’s dressed smartly too, in a uniform that includes a purple jacket with orange collar, sleeves, and back. The purple pants, white shirt and white flock vest, worn with the jacket, are all attached. Orange soutache trim and white nailhead buttons accent the vest and a purple belt is worn over the jacket. White socks, purple boots and a magnificent orange flock hat with a purple top and brim, as well as gold trim and a gold feather, completes the very smart look for the Munchkin General.

USD$ 99.95

Style # 64390 - Item is available.

  • AGE: 14 YRS +
  • INTRO: 2012
  • SIZE: 8 in

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