American Quilter African American 8" Doll from the Americana Collection

Our African American American Quilter doll is a bent-knee African American Wendy with brown eyes and center-parted brown curls that have been pulled up on the sides and held in place by lavender bows. She wears a dress that would make any Americana Quilter proud. It's a full-skirted frock, that features a skirt and short sleeves that are made from a teal floral print that coordinates beautifully with the purple floral print that makes up the bodice, cuffs on the sleeves and star patch on the skirt. Accents are provided by white w/ hot pink polka dot trim, as well as lavender gingham ribbon at the waist and hem, in addition to pink picot trim at the neck and a hot pink quilting square under the star patch. Includes a white, lace-trimmed, organdy petticoat; white, lace-trimmed, flair step-ins; white, lace-trimmed, socks; hot pink patent Mary Jane’s

USD$ 65.99

USD$ 84.95

Style # 64441 - Item is available.

  • AGE: 14 YRS +
  • INTRO: 2012
  • SIZE: 8 in

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