SPECIAL SALE! Fancy Nancy Mermaid Ballet 8" Doll from the Storyland Collection

Fancy Nancy Mermaid Ballet 8" Collectible Doll is all dressed up in anticipation of a special dance performance. She has brown eyes and red and purple curly hair decorated with strands of blue and yellow ribbon, plus bangs. Her leotard, with a shell print, has aqua sparkle tulle sleeves and is worn with a pink tie-dye fin skirt that has pink netting ruffles and is trimmed with aqua ribbon. The addition of pink shell ballet flats, a purple beaded necklace with a fish charm, hot pink sunglasses and a shell charm headband completes Fancy Nancy Mermaid Ballet’s sea worthy look. As to that starring role for Nancy - does she or doesn't she get it? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

USD$ 89.99

USD$ 119.95

Style # 64610 - Item is available.

  • AGE: 14 YRS +
  • INTRO: 2012
  • SIZE: 8 in

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