Wendy Queen of the Spiders 8-inch Doll

8-inch Wendy Queen of Spiders has brown eyes and an orange spider hair clip sitting atop an updo of auburn, corkscrew curls. She’s wearing a gown of purple, habotai silk, that features a full skirt, leg-o-mutton sleeves and a dramatic collar of black embroidered netting, and cotton soutache, that looks like a spider’s web. Black mini pom poms at the waist, black picot trim at the hem and a spider applique at the neckline all add drama to the gown. With the dress she wears a black tulle petticoat. Black tights and black patent Mary Jane’s. walking alongside Wendy Queen of Spiders is her black spider, a creature with a pom pom body and pipe cleaner legs, not to mention googly eyes and who, is held in check by a purple leash.

USD$ 94.95

Style # 66230 - Item is available.

  • AGE: 14 YRS. +
  • INTRO: 2013
  • SCULPT: Wendy
  • SIZE: 8''

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