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For Parents:


“As a child learns to care for her doll, she also learns to care for herself, and what’s more important, she learns to care for others.  This ability to teach children to share their love is a dolls greatest gift to us all.”  Madame Beatrice Alexander



Everyone needs play

  • Play is essential to learning, creativity, and discovery.
  • It guides physical, intellectual, and social development.
  • It drives innovation, increases productivity, and contributes to healthier lives.
  • Play allows children to develop creative pretend and dramatic play scenarios.

Adapted from, The Strong Museum of Play, 2014


Parents Today,

  • Appreciate Classic Play
  • Love items from familiar brands that she knows and trusts for quality and safety
  • Care about nurturing FUN play
  • Care about their community and neighborhood



Moms shared their top attributes for dolls and doll play with us:

     Moms told us that a doll must be:

  • High quality, trustworthy and a safe product
  • Teaches responsibility and offer nurturing interaction
  • Huggable and loveable
  • Unique and beautiful
  • Express personality

Madame Alexander Summer 2013 Research, Consumer Survey and Focus Group Data, Insight


The Madame Alexander Doll Co primary focus is to create engaging doll collections that are beautifully designed, age-appropriate products of quality and craftsmanship.



For Parents