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For the Collector:


“I started collecting as a kid and now have well over 100! I love MA dolls--they are so pretty... I plan on passing them down to my 2 girls.”

A Facebook Fan, 2014



A Collection, as defined by the Webster Dictionary, is a group of interesting or beautiful objects brought together in order to show or study them as a hobby.  And a hobby is a fun way to engage the mind and play!


What prompts the impulse to start and even to amass a collection? The response is usually personal, even though it may be shared by a multitude. It may be sparked by a memory, a wish, a special gift that intrigues and entices you to add more, to collect and save, to enjoy and have fun. It is a passion, a love.

Creating a collection is a joy and is for everyone, for all ages.

For a child, it might be that first baby doll, a soft lovie offering comfort, a favorite puzzle, a beloved book, or a special doll that began as a momento to mark a special occasion that sparks the interest to want another, ask for another. 

As we grow up and the collections grow too, they tell stories, become shared memories.  A collection offers a fun way to play and enjoy a passion.  



For Collectors