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The Magical World of Dolls - Growing Up with Madame Alexander dolls!
What girls, moms and grandmothers are looking for in dolls and doll play……
Madame Alexander Summer 2013 Research, Consumer Survey and Focus Group Data, Insight

Dolls help girls explore and celebrate who they are and who they aspire to be. Dolls
are comforting friends. Madame Alexander herself is quoted as saying, “dolls bring
out the creative instincts in children, dolls will soothe and comfort you. Dolls assist
in the development of an appreciation the arts and literature; doll are fun and
playful, everyone should play with a doll and experience the magic.”

Dolls are seen as magical and comforting by moms and grandmothers. Dolls allow
children to explore at each developmental stage of growing up from a newborn baby
to a nurturing young toddler to little dreamers in elementary school.

“For any new baby, I like to buy dolls that are soft, small, and comforting.” Mom of a
girl 6, purchasing a new baby gift. For the new baby, who is dependent on the
caregiver doing the celebrating for them, adults prioritize soft, cuddly and safe
features. Age grading is important, trust in a brand rates very high. The top 5 picks
for a 0-1 year old baby gifts are dolls, sensory toys, books, plush, and clothing. For
the both discerning gift giver and receiver, quality and beautiful craftsmanship go

As babies grow up, they begin to develop a sense of self and are celebrating their
everyday routines. Toddlers are gaining confidence in the world around them and
learn to reciprocate the loving care they receive. They enjoy activities and playtime
fun around what is familiar – bathtime, mealtime, napping, pets, doctor visits. Their
play includes lots of discovery and nurturing, playing little mommy – taking care of
others thru dressing and feeding, imitating what is done to them is exactly how
toddlers play with their dolls – they are no longer the baby, they are the little care
giver to their loved baby doll. They feed their dolls, play house, change their
diapers, give them baths and take them on playdates!

As girls enter early elementary school, they are striving to grow and learn all about
themselves, they love to Celebrate! Playing with dolls and using their imagination is
high on moms list of activities, never limited, and always encourages. For girls ages
3 through 7, play centers around a fun, dreamer world. This age range is full of girls
who are exploring and observing their environments in comfortable and exciting
ways. These girls love to celebrate who they are and who they want to be – a
cowgirl, a sparkly ballerina, a princess. And we want to encourage her along the
way to play!

Dolls, across every age, from newborn, on up, are found to provide key qualities that
resonate with moms and grandmothers. The top 5 qualities are:
teach responsibility, practice real-life, comforting, relaxing and positive play.