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Doll Club



As the official, independent not-for-profit organization for collectors of Madame Alexander dolls, the Madame Alexander Doll Club (MADC®) has a worldwide membership of thousands of doll lovers. Its members join an enthusiastic group of people who share a passion for Madame Alexander dolls, and who seek to research, preserve, and promote their place in history. The club sponsors events while offering members an opportunity to form enduring friendships and to share stories about their beloved dolls.

The Madame Alexander Doll Company sanctioned the club's charter in 1961.  In 1985 bylaws were drafted and ratified by the membership (over 2000 members).  The club was incorporated (not for profit) in Illinois under the name MADAME ALEXANDER DOLL CLUB.



Each year our club hosts a national convention, 2 or 3 Premieres to showcase the new line of Alexander dolls, and many friendship lunches located in different areas of the United States. 



Upon joining, MADC® members receive these exclusive privileges:

  • An official Madame Alexander Doll Club pin.
  • Issues of The Review, the club's official quarterly magazine containing doll articles, club news, notices of upcoming events, and much more.
  • The opportunity to buy special limited edition collector dolls available only to MADC® members.
  • Annual MADC® National Convention: Held in the summer, the Annual Convention brings together collectors from around the globe in a four-day celebration of Madame Alexander dolls and their artistry. The event includes workshops, seminars, a competitive exhibit, and the Annual MADC® Meeting.
  • Friendship Luncheons: Scheduled in various locations throughout the U.S., these events provide members with an afternoon of food and fun. Luncheons are also open to non-members, offering a great way to introduce friends to the club. A registration fee includes a special souvenir doll.
  • MADC® Premieres: The first events of the year for MADC® members, Premieres provide a unique opportunity to view some of the Alexander Doll Company's newest dolls. Registration to each event includes an MADC® souvenir doll and selected meals.



  • U.S. Membership: $45 per year (US$) First Class mailing is available for $10 more per year; additional family memberships are $20 per year.
  • International Membership: $60 per year (US$)

For more information about the MADC® or to register online at the MADC® website, please go to or e-mail the MADC® at