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Baby Dolls That Look Real & Lifelike: Do The Details Matter?

No other dolls offer such potential for realism as baby dolls. For one thing, no other dolls are so similar in size to the real people they depict.

A baby doll is almost the same size as a baby while even a large 18" play doll is on a much smaller scale than an actual child. Details on the face, body, and clothing of baby dolls are much truer to life than other dolls, which must inevitably stylize and simplify some details.

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Do details matter for baby dolls to look real?

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An American Doll Story - Madame Alexander

Beatrice Alexander was the quintessential American female entrepreneur.

She founded the Madame Alexander Doll Company in New York City around her kitchen table in 1923. Her core belief then and for us still today is that dolls should be used to engage a child's imagintion.

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"Dolls are made to be played with and loved." - Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman